Obtaining Help When Falsely Accused of Sexual Harassment or Domestic Violence

Turn on the TV and it seems there are allegations of sexual harassment or domestic violence everywhere. While an overwhelming majority of these claims are valid, an innocent person may find they are accused of a crime they did not commit. Although it may seem wise to talk to the police in this situation, a person should not do this. It’s best to seek legal representation and allow the attorney to do the talking. What else should a person do when they have been accused to this type of crime and are innocent?

Avoid the Accuser

Do not speak to the person who has made the accusations. While it may seem wise to do so to clear up any misunderstanding, that’s what the attorney is for. The prosecutor may use anything that is said during these exchanges in the courtroom. Spend this time gathering any evidence that will show no crime is committed or provide the attorney with a list of witnesses to the alleged event so he or she can contact the witnesses and get their versions of what happened.

Don’t Agree to Anything

It may be recommended that the accused attend anger management classes or cop a plea. Both should be avoided at all costs, as they appear to be a sign of the person’s guilt. Never admit to something that didn’t happen or attend classes which suggest there is a predisposition to violence. Although the classes may be mandatory if the accused is found guilty, they should never take place before a conviction is handed down.

Remain Quiet

It’s best to not speak of the case with anyone other than the attorney on record. A person can never know who will be called to testify against them, and speaking to a friend or family member could put them in a bad situation. By remaining silent, the accused can know they didn’t put others in harm’s way.

Contact Kania Law Office to learn more about what to do when accused of this type of crime. Although it would be nice to get the case over in the shortest time possible, doing so the wrong way can have disastrous consequences. It’s best to turn the matter over to an attorney to resolve the case in the most favorable way possible.